About Bobcat Quarterback Club


The Bobcat Quarterback Club was established in 2000 for the sole purpose of enhancing the Montana State University Bobcat Football Program above and beyond the athletic department budget.


Setting Bobcat football apart

MSU Video:
  • XOS editing software and hardware ( our #1 teaching tool).
  • Drone, High resolution cameras and filters, graphic design software and computer, “green” screen and studio lights. (This is what we use to produce video highlights and “edits” a top recruiting tool)
  • Flights, hotels for coaching travel. Official visit, allows us to pull the trigger on recruits and provide a 1st class visit, as well as get ahead of the competition in spring evaluation period.
  • it costs the football program approx.  2k per out of state visit! Your support is the difference! (#3 recruiting class in the FCS 2018, top class in the Big Sky, back to back freshman of the year)

Providing an environment for our players to succeed on the field and in the classroom

  • I-pads: only school in Big Sky doing this, allows the players to watch film on their schedule. Can be used for academics as well (team GPA 3.04 fall 2017)
  • Fueling station: post practice meals, supplements. (Nutrition is the slight edge, not just fueling their body but also their brain) We provide education and access (only registered dietician in Big Sky)
  • PITT training partnership: adds 2 highly trained coaches. More eyes on our guys. ( injury prevention/safety, more ideas can make training more position specific).

Staff Enhancement

  • Money for performance bonuses and retention.
  • Staff continuity is a huge predictor of overall program success.
  • Provide funds for a special teams intern and supervision of the football fueling station.
  • Professional development: staying on the cutting edge.
  • Some of the places the staff has had professional development visits to South Carolina, Florida, New Mexico and USC in the last two years.
  • Provide funds for moving and relocation on new coaches.
  • The ability to provide this for the staff gives the ability for staff retention and helps us keep the best staff in the FCS.

How does the BQC work?

  • You can become a member by donating one of the tiered giving levels- $1,000.00 (Standard), $2,500.00 (Blue) or $5,000.00 (Gold). Each of the levels has exclusive benefits (See chart below)
  • These donations can be paid annually, bi-annually or monthly.
  • You receive access to practice, in season Monday night game review and opponent preview, BQC gear, attendance to QB Club banquet exclusive singing day meeting with member of MSU coaching staff, spring meeting with coach Choate, piece of apparel for your significant other, a custom CATS belt buckle, an annual private dinner with the Choates, and a game day experience for two! (See the chart below for your benefits you are eligible for based on your membership level)
  • You have skin in the game! You are a part of our team and you truly make a difference in the quality of our players experience at MSU.